Vision 21 aims to establish a position as being the premier sports authority within the region. Sport consulting is a very broad discipline and therefore, due to the need and opportunities in the current market, Vision 21 shall focus on the following areas:
  • Recruiting and Talent Development
  • Sports and Infrastructure Development
  • Sports Tourism
  • Sports Event Marketing and Sponsorship Exploitation


Through focusing on these specific fields, Vision 21 intends to engage in cost effective ventures that would create awareness of the various avenues in sports, in addition to contributing to the overall growth of the sports industry.


Also as part of its growth strategy, Vision 21 will undertake Rights Management in the areas of Broadcast (content) and sports personalities. Vision 21 is able to leverage its global network to take advantage of such opportunities.


In line with its growth strategy, Vision 21, through its vast network of global partners is able to tap into existing distributorship opportunities dealing in sporting goods apparel, nutritional supplements etc.


Vision 21 runs a number of different sports programs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal with a main focus in talent identification and sports development. Some of our notable ongoing projects include:
  1.  Aspire Football Dreams: Started in 2006, the ASPIRE Football Dreams is the world’s largest-ever football scouting program. This fascinating and unique scouting project aims at identifying talented boys who can be groomed into future football greats.
  2. Protégé Sports Program: A sports development program focusing primarily on volleyball,football and basketball and is run through a series of clinics and camps.